Ulf; Composer, Plucked Piano, Keyboard (Strings)

Yeray N.S.; Electro acoustics

Wayne Kinos; Keyboard (Trumpet, Synthesizer), Mix, Master

The etymology of Aleatoric is from the Latin Aleator, meaning; “dice player, depending on the throw of a die or on chance; random.” Aleatoric music, also known as chance music, is music in which elements of the composition are left to chance.   Aleatoric music is equally exemplified when a primary element of a composed work's realization is left to the determination of its performer(s).

0015 • Aleatoric                                             6:58

Clip from online exhibit "Visualizing Theorem" art by Pinkpink Sorbet. Filmed by Iono Allen

Aleatoric appears on “Theorem Binary”