Theorem - Binary


Ulf; Composer, Drums, Percussion, Panpipes, Synth, Mix, Master.

Misprint Thursday; Vocals, Lyrics.

Kevan Paul; Violin


Ulf; Composer, Drums, Bowed Piano, Cello, Double Bass, Synth- choir, Mix, Master.

Kevan Paul; Violins, Solo and 1,2,3, Viola

through the cosmic dust

Wayne Kinos, Composer, Synth- Organ, Piano, Pads

Kevan Paul; Violin

Yeray N.S;  Guitar, Electro Acoustics

Ulf; Bass, Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone, Mix, Master.

dark nebula

Wayne Kinos, Composer, Synth- Bells, Cello , Flute

Ulf; Vibraphone, Cello, Mix, Master

under ice of enceladus

Wayne Kinos, Composer, Synth- Organ, Piano, Pads

Ulf; Water, Drums, Percussion, Synth, Mix, Master.

Yeray N.S;  Guitar, Voice, Electro Acoustics

Kevan Paul; Violin

fractal memories

Wayne Kinos, Composer, Synth-Trumpet , Tuba

Yeray N.S;, Guitar, Mix, Master


Ulf; Composer, Plucked piano, Synth- Strings, Mix Master

Yeray N.S; Electro Acoustics

Wayne Kinos; Synth- Trumpet

fractional derivative

Ulf; Composer, Drums

Yeray N.S;  Guitars, Voices, Bass, Mix, Master


Ulf; Composer, Lithophone, Drums, Mix, Master

Kevan Paul; Synth, Violin

Wayne Kinos, Synth- Flute

Misprint Thursday, Vocal, Lyrics

happy electron

Wayne Kinos, Composer, Synth- Piano.

Kevan Paul; Violin

Ulf; Drums, Mix, Master

uncertainty principle

Wayne Kinos, Composer, Synths

Kostas Trikalis; Bouzouki

Ulf; Drums, Guitar, Mix, Master

polar storm

Wayne Kinos, Composer, Synth- Piano, Trumpet

Ulf; Synth, Drums, Percussion, Mix, Master

ion drive

Wayne Kinos, Composer, Synth- Trumpet

Ulf; Synth, Piano, Bowed Piano, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Mix, Master

synapse synopsis

Ulf; Composer, Guitar, Drums, Mix, Master

Kostas Trikalis; Bouzouki

Wayne Kinos; Synth- Flute, Trumpet